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 2022-2023 Committee Positions Available

We have some open committee positions and would love to get them filled over the summer. Please check out this google form to see where we need help/support.



Description Time Commitment

Officer Position


Co-President Elects

Looking for 2 people to share the President role for the 2023-2024 School

Year. The position starts next year to get familiar with the roles and responsibilities of the President and your official Presidency year will be the following year. All of the other elementary schools have Co-Presidents and we think this model would be the most effective.


Roles and Resposibilities Below:



The president elects are the aids to the presidents and will perform the duties of the presidents if they are not available.


Additionally, they will:

  • Review and update the Code of Regulations and Policy and Procedures every three years.
  • Name committee chairs for the following year
  • Review the annual budget in August Shall authorize expenditures with the treasurer in the president’s absence
  • Support committees as needed


Typical monthly tasks for the President-Elect include:

Support the presidents and committees as needed

 10 - 15 hours a month



Business Sponsorship /

Loyalty Program


Work with local businesses to secure an annual sponsorship toward the PTO.


Follow up with past sponsors and recruit new ones. Also, support and encourage our community to participate in our loyalty programs (Amazon Smile, Box Tops, Kroger, Shutterfly, etc)


3-5 hours a month


School Fundraisers

Informal Art Show Help to implement the Informal Art Show. Committee members will organize volunteers, work with Lindsay Bennett to coordinate student art, collect teacher / business donations and plan the details around this multi-night event in early March. Planning Season November - early March (10 hours a month early on then the month before the event (February) it is about 15-20 hours a month)
Fun Run This committee creates the racecourse, markets the event, orders/organizes charms, schedules DJ, collects breakfast donations, and any other details for this Fall morning fundraiser. Planning Season September - November. 5-10 hours a month

Informal Affair

Organize our adult-only fundraising event on November 19, 2022, at the OSU 4-H Center. Catering is already secured. Need to market, coordinate volunteers, collect any business donations, organize entertainment, and other logistics around this fundraiser. Planning Season August - November. 10 hours a month early on then October and November it is 15-20 hours a month
Drive-In Movie Night Looking for volunteers to create a new fundraising opportunity for families this year. Drive-in Movie Night. This event will be new for the school and the committee will coordinate the details. events. New event - unknown date and time commitments but probably 5 hours a month

School Events



Looking for people to help run this event that will be held in May of 2023. The committee will market the event, book entertainment, and food vendors, create activity stations, work with the 5th-grade parent leader and coordinate closely with the Golden Star Choir team. Planning period January - May. 10 hours a month early on then 15-20 hours a month in April and May

Open House

Support an open house and back to school grade level nights in August / Early September Planning period August - September 5-10 hours a month

K-1 Meet Up

Looking for people to work with the Family Connections Chair (Desiree Hickey) to run this event which is held in August out on the Castle Playground at Wickliffe. Market the event to K/1 Families, schedule a dessert truck, order drinks and supplies, and create an event for new Kindergarten and 1st-grade families to bond and connect before the start of school Planning period July - August. 10-15 hours a month

Student and Staff Experience


Teacher Appreciation

Looking for 2 people to chair the Teacher Appreciation Committee. The chairs create a schedule for the year of ways to spread the love to our teaching staff. Past ideas have included, breakfast on the first day, weekly coffee cart, grateters ice cream truck, teacher gifts, catered lunches, and Teacher Appreciation Week in May. Help to organize these events and recruit volunteers needed to run them. Planning Period August - May. 5-10 hours a month

5th Grade Experience

Looking for 1 person to chair the 5th Grade Experience. This person works with the 5th-grade teachers to fundraise for the 5th graders at Fall Fest and Wickapalooza. They also coordinate the end of the year activities for the 5th graders including lunches, final town meeting, end of year party, clap out, etc. You will recruit a team of volunteers to help support you during these end-of-the-year experiences. Planning Period September- October to prep for Fall Fest Fundraiser 5 hours a month - Then more end of year celebration planning February - May 10 hours a month
Walking Club

Looking for 1 person to chair walking club. This person coordinates volunteers, orders supplies and works with the school to determine walking club schedule.


Typically walking club is 2 days a week from October - May

Planning Period October - May 5-10 hours a month



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