Thanks to Marta Ackley, Beth Renner, and Sarah Smile along with others who donated items and a helping hand to our winter beautification project! The pots out front are 100% volunteer run. Want to help our flowers and garden thrive over the summer? Sign up here to take a watering shift.



  • The supplies/watering key will be in the storage box on the west side of the school by the garden
  • You'll be watering the pot/planters in the front of the school and the garden on the west side
  • You can water throughout the week when it's convenient for you and depending on the weather. Thank you!



The Beautification committee is a group of parents and students that work to make our school grounds look beautiful! 


During the school year, we: 

  • upkeep our gardens and planters
  • organize clean-up events
  • ensure that our planters and gardens are watered (and we look for help with this!)
  • organize the spring flower sale
  • work with community members for flower and plant donations
  • work with the district maintenance crew on improvements to our building grounds


We are always looking for volunteers, if you would like to join us contact







Wickliffe Garden's first year was a great success!