Teacher Appreciation 


We love our teachers! 



During Teacher Appreciation week, the PTO sponsors daily events to show our love and support to our teachers and staff. Sign-ups to donate breakfast, lunch, and snack options daily are sent out prior to teacher appreciation week. Additionally, we encourage students to write notes of appreciation to their teachers and staff members. 


We also try to show our appreciation throughout the entire school year, not just one week. During the 2019/2020 school year, we sponsored a coffee cart during those stressful spring weeks! 


Committee Chair: LeeAnn Leman and Jennifer Waddell 


October Snack Sign Up

Let's show our teachers and staff members how much we appreciate all of their hard work! In October we will provide snacks and beverages so they can enjoy a treat during a break in their day. Please use the link below to sign up and donate items. In November and December we will run coffee cart for the teacher and staff once a week. More details and a sign up sheet will be sent out in November. Thank you for your continued support!

October Snack Sign Up - Teacher Appreciation - October Snack Sign Up




Just a few things we did last year: 

  • Adopt a Teacher: 

    We want to show the teachers and staff at Wickliffe how much we appreciate all of their hard work and support during the school year! We invite you to sign up and adopt a teacher or staff member for either a month or for the rest of the school year. Up to 3 families can sign up to adopt the same teacher/staff member. During the time you have adopted the teacher/staff member let them know that you are thinking about them! Send them encouraging e-mails, mail them a card, drop off a small treat at the Front Office, etc. You do not need to spend a lot of money adopting the teacher/staff member just let them know you and your family are thinking about them and are thankful for all of the hard work!

    • Sign up to adopt a teacher or staff member
    • The teachers/staff members completed a survey about their likes, favorite candy, etc. Click here to find out more about your teacher/staff member.
  • Teacher Snacks: During the first week of remote learning, the PTO set up a table of snacks and drinks as little "thank yous" and a quick me up. Our teachers have been so touched by our gesture, we have decided to keep it going as we continue to transition into hybrid learning. Please consider helping by signing up to donate prepackaged food or drinks. Here is a link to the sign-up genius: Teacher Appreciation - Snack Sign Up. Favorites include: sweets and salty snacks (e.g. candy and chips), and for drinks - soda, San Pellegrino flavored water, La Croix, cold brew coffee. Really, anything that you'd like to donate.