Classroom Volunteers

Planning to Volunteer in the Classroom or at a School Party?
The district has asked that all volunteers please view the following slide show presentation before your first volunteer session. There is a form that must be completed at the end of the presentation.

District-wide Volunteer Training Presentation



Classroom Volunteer
Throughout the year each child's teacher may offer opportunities for you to come in and support or volunteer in the classroom. Please connect with the teacher directly to find out what opportunities are available.


At Wickliffe, our school has four celebrations with class parties, each year:

  • Harvest Party & Parade (October 31st)
  • Winter Celebration (before Winter break)
  • Valentine's Day (February 14th)
  • End of Year Celebration (before Summer break) 

These are great opportunities for parents to collaborate with their child's teacher and other students' parents, by volunteering to organize various games and crafts, and bringing healthy treats for the children's class party. Remember to sign up to volunteer when your classroom teacher sends out the request!