Procedures

Every visitor, including school volunteers, checks in at a SchoolSafe ID kiosk in the school office using a driver's license or valid state-issued ID.  Once you scan your driver's license or valid state-issued ID at the kiosk, your name and date of birth will be checked against the national database of registered sex offenders. Once approved, the kiosk will print an identification sticker, with the date and time, that is to be worn while on school grounds. This is a quick process that takes a few minutes. 


You will also have an opportunity to create a digital pass on your phone for future visits to our school during the check-in process. Android users will need to download a free app called Wallet Passes before setting up their digital pass. iPhone users will be able to link their digital pass directly to the Apple Wallet app.


Our school protocols can be found here: UA Schools - Volunteering for Our Schools