Classroom Connections


New for this year, the PTO is creating a committee called Classroom Connections. The concept is a slightly different take on a traditional "room parent" role by focusing more on family activation, networking, and involvement with the PTO in addition to the school community. 


Our Classroom Connections reps are up and running! 


Families will receive communications from Classroom Connections reps about PTO opportunities. This is a good time to check the PTO directory to make sure your contact information is current so you don't miss anything! 



We're looking for at least one adult family member from each class to volunteer to be the Classroom Connections Lead. The role of the Lead is to develop a network of families within each class in order to better understand and identify what resources, knowledge, and ideas exist within the community. Big picture, the program could support all four objectives of the PTO as stated in our bylaws:

  • Promote the well-being and education of the students
  • Foster communication by and among caregivers, students, teachers, and the residents of UA
  • Respond, with volunteers and available funds, to the needs of the school
  • Provide a forum for caregivers and school personnel to work cooperatively in identifying and discussing issues and concerns of general interest


Here's how Classroom Connections supports these objectives: 

  • Support PTO efforts by connecting with families at the class level and to gather feedback and ideas
  • Enlist adult family members for support, volunteering, or activating PTO events
  • Help PTO committees broadcast news and updates
  • Enable families to help each other become better caregivers and co-educators
  • Provide support for class activities such as parties, field trips, or donating classroom materials, by teacher request only


A few examples of Classroom Connections activities include: 

  • Assembling gift baskets from families of each class to be donated for the silent auction at Wickliffe Social
  • Wrangling volunteers to staff shifts at Fall Fest, Art Show, Wickapalooza, etc.
  • Helping students with Fifth Grade Experience/Graduation fundraising
  • Providing feedback to the PTO Teacher Recognition Committee

The main requirement of the Lead is an interest in getting to know the caregivers of their students' peers. These connections can then be leveraged to help provide resources to the PTO, the teachers, and the school. The Lead is not required to be available during school day hours; the time commitment is very flexible. 

Please submit interest or inquiries to Jason McKibben at


Thank you!


Jason McKibben

Wickliffe PTO Co-President