Progressive Education Network conference

2/8/2024 12:18 pm

Attention Wickliffe families! The PEN National Conference will be happening at our school this October!


The conference theme this year, The Space Between: How Progressive Education Fosters Curiosity, Creativity, Community, and Connection, speaks to the twin desire for big conversations and practical suggestions – how the space between is where both the opportunity and action of progressive education exist.


The staff of Wickliffe Progressive Elementary is hosting this event, drawing hundreds of educators from across the country. There will be knowledge sharing through seminars, workshops, and tours. 


The Space Between embodies

  • Growth and Discovery • Intentionality and Interconnectedness
  • Impactful Learning • Navigating Tensions
  • Gray Areas and Nuances • Practical Considerations
  • Reflection and Emergent Curriculum


The Space Between assumes an ethical responsibility:

  • Creating a More Beautiful World • Advancing Sustainability
  • Contributing to a Just and Sustainable World


To support the event activities and add context to the teaching philosophies, the staff is soliciting Wickliffe families for testimonials that exemplify the conference theme or demonstrate one of the six principles of progressive education. Please share your testimonials with Andrew Williams ( or Shelley Hughes ( Thank you!


The Progressive Education Network (PEN) promotes a vision of progressive pedagogy, acknowledges its historical influence, and advocates for its dynamic potential to impact students and their schools. PEN identifies six principles of progressive education:

  1. Amplify students’ voice, agency, conscience, and intellect to create a more equitable, just, and sustainable world.
  2. Encourage the active participation of students in their learning, in their communities, and in the world.
  3. Respond to the developmental needs of students, and focus on their social, emotional, intellectual, cognitive, cultural, and physical development.
  4. Honor and nurture students’ natural curiosity and innate desire to learn, fostering internal motivation and the discovery of passion and purpose.
  5. Emerge from the interests, experiences, goals, and needs of diverse constituents, fostering empathy, communication and collaboration across differences.
  6. Foster respectfully collaborative and critical relationships between students, educators, parents/guardians, and the community.