Showing the staff our appreciation

11/9/2023 10:03 am

Staff appreciation 

Each year the PTO sets aside funds for staff appreciation. So far this year, the staff appreciation committee has provided coffee and bagels on the first day of school and a catered lunch and snacks during conference week. Recently the committee sent out a staff survey to see how they prefer to be supported for the remainder of the year and, based on the responses, we will focus on: 

  • Stocking the lounge with snacks and drinks (highest response rate for this)
  • Monthly Coffee Cart
  • Heavy snacks/lunch during early release in January 
  • Staff Appreciation Week in May

These funds will only go so far and stocking the lounge with snack and drinks each week adds up, so we are going to do a "Teacher Lounge Takeover" by class for the remainder of the year. Look for more information coming soon on when your child's class slated to takeover and how you can help/support. 


Stocking the staff lounge

We love our teachers and want to stock their lounge! Please sign up here and let everyone know what you are bringing so we make sure to provide everything they want. You can leave your donation on the front steps of Katie McShane Peluso's house (Jack & Giulia's mom) at 2705 Kent Road or drop off in the lounge. Just make a note of where you will drop off. Please have it dropped off by Friday, November 17. Thank you!