Wickliffe Class of 2020 Art Project

4/26/2021 2:41 pm


Wickliffe Class of 2020 Art Project:
In January of 2020, Wickliffe's fifth graders brainstormed, narrowed down ideas, and voted to create a beaded chandelier as their fifth grade class art project. They dyed over 6,000 wooden beads last spring before our year was cut short. On a Saturday morning in October, over 60 sixth graders came back to string beads in the Wickliffe parking lot. We even had a few kids string beads from their new homes, as far away as Wisconsin! Special Thank You to Mrs. Coplin, Mr. Williams, Ms. A, and all of the parent volunteers who came out to help.
I'm excited to share that the chandelier is finished! We're still waiting to get it installed, but here are some photos in the meantime. We look forward to a time, hopefully in the very near future, when you can come see it in person and visit us in our new building 🙂
Mrs. Bennett