Informal Affair


Informal Affair Updates  
- 2021/2022 Informal Affair (IA) -


We have decided not to hold the Informal Affair event in February as planned given the current state of COVID-19, we are making some adjustments to the event in order to keep our commitment to the health and safety of our Wickliffe families.

In lieu of the event planned for February 12, we are introducing the “Informal Art Show” to celebrate our talented students and showcase their artwork.

The Informal Art Show will run Mar 1-3 from 6-8 PM at Wickliffe, and each student will have their individual artwork on display. The event is free for the whole family to attend, and your student’s piece of art will be available to purchase. Volunteers will frame the art that is purchased and families will be able to pick up their child’s art at a later time.

We will also have items and activities to raffle off at the Informal Art Show. More details will be available as we get closer to the show in March.

Although the Informal Affair will not take place as planned, we continue to strive toward our purpose –providing fun-filled events with the goal of raising money for the cultural arts and educational enrichment programs for our Wickliffe students.

We look forward to continuing our mission and bringing back an even bigger and better Informal Affair on November 19th!



Committee Chairs: Emily Poe, Tobin Juday, Chi Nguyen